Beauty and the Beast – Film Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this re-make on the traditional Disney film, and even with a few added scenes and songs it was very true to the original. I loved the human live acting with animation of iconic characters such as the Beast, Lumiere and Clogswoth, it fascinated me how real they can make certain things look with CGI.

Multiple low angles were used to portray characters such as Gaston and the Beast look powerful and domineering however on contrary high angles were used to portray Belle and other characters to look inferior and weak in position to their surroundings and other characters. The lighting changes throughout depending on the scene as it sets the atmosphere to be dark and eerie or a bright and cheerful. It followed the Tzvetan Todorov theory of narrative, just like a typical Disney film.

First edit – feedback

We thought the best way to gain critical feedback from our title sequence were to ask the people who are most likely going to watch it. This is our classmates as they are the audience we are aiming it at due to our previous survey and finding out our target market. In this process this is the first of many screenings we will show our target audience as the more we do, the more effective feedback we will get, which means more we can improve on to appeal to our viewers.

From this feedback we have concluded we need to improve on our editing and ensuring our edit is tighter and delete certain shots and ensure that some shots aren’t as long to create more suspense and to follow the common conventions of a title sequence. We also need to delete some shots and not give away too much of the information.


Order of titles

The typical credit order in an opening title sequence is a follows:

  1. Name of the studio distributing the film.
  2. Name of the production company responsible for making the film.
  3. A (producers name) production.
  4. A film by (directors name).
  5. Staring… (actors names).
  6. Film title.
  7. Featured casting members.
  8. Casting by.
  9. Music, composer & original score.
  10. Production designer.
  11. Make up, costume & visual effects.

I researched this as this is something important and crucial to make a title sequence professional, due to this my group will take this into consideration when editing our titles into our final task.

Evaluation of preparation + Casting

During the process of preparation, I think that group 2 have had there issues such as not being very organised and lack of effort from some members, however we have overcome these obstacles as we have improved our methods of communication.

From now on we have shared the work load out evenly and will be using a workload schedule to achieve our best work in an organised fashion. This schedule will include what days we are working, editing and certain blog posts.

IMG_1134.PNG Director : Olivia Rodriguez

IMG_1133 Producer : Molly Tricker

IMG_1131_edited DOP : Jack Biddle

IMG_1130_edited Editor : Isobel Evans


We knew as a group that our casting would follow stereotypical views on victims and villains, this includes having a young feeble girl as the victum as they are seen to be weak and vulnerable, where as in contradiction to this villains are men as they are more domineering and powerful. We will be following this common convention to emphasise
the typical roles making it more effective for viewers.

Actress Sophie Kirk